Aerospace Industry: Hierarchy of Suppliers

SegmentProduct SegmentsRolePlayers
OEM's Commercial and Defence aircrafts & flying machines, Design, Assembly, Integration and Service of aircrafts Airbus, Boeing, LockHeed Martin, Bombardier etc.
Tier 1 Suppliersa. Power Plant and Propulsion devices
b. Avionics Systems
c. Landing Gear Assemblies
d. Wing Assemblies etc.
a. Provider of complex systems to OEM's
b. System Integrators
c. Few also program manage Tier-2,3 suppliers for OEM's
Engine: Rolls Royce, GE Aviation
Wings: BAE Plc
Undercarriage: smiths
Flight Control: Honeywell
Avionics System: Rockwell Collins
Engine Interface Control: Meggitt
Tier 2 Suppliersa.Hydraulic Systems
b. Electric Power assemblies
c. Escape Systems
d. Airframe Systems
Supply components and sub-systemsa. Aircraft Doors: Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
b.Wing Flaps: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
c. In-flight Entertainment: Panasonic Avionics
Tier 3 Suppliersa. Electrical Components
b. Bearings
c. Precision Machined Parts
d. Mechanical Components
Supply specific components to Tier 2 that go into sub-systems a. Rectifiers: Crane Aerospace
b. Wire Harnesses: Elektro-Metall Export GmbH
c. Solenoids: Precision Components, Inc.
Material Suppliersa. Composites
b. Metals
c. Plastics
d. Other non-metal
Raw Material Suppliers to tier 1,2,3a. Carbon Fibre: Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc.
b. High purity vacuum remelted steels: Latrobe Speciality Steel Company

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