The 3D Printing market is estimated to grow at 24%+ CAGR till 2022. The overall spend (including services, hardware, etc. is estimated to reach $58 Billion by 2022. The spend on 3D Printer Market is expected to hit $30Billion by 2022.)

The 3D Printer shipments (219,168 in 2015)  are expected to reach 6.7 million by 2020 at a CAGR of 95.8%

Aerospace, Healthcare, Industrial and Jewelery industries are estimated to be  leading industries in the adoption of 3D Printing.  “Prototyping” is the primary area of adoption.  3D Printing adoption in the Jewelery and Healthcare sectors is also estimated to grow at 20% + CAGR.  


References: Check out the perspectives from leading analyst firms


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