Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing has 4 major segments

Front end equipment 

1. Wafer Manufacturing Equipment

This equipment is used to produce pure silicon by growing cylindrical silicon crystals and cutting these crystals into wafers. Prior to silicon growing, the silicon is mined, converted into a gas through a chemical reaction, and then reacted with hydrogen to form a semiconductor-grade silicon crystal. This equipment includes lasers, saws, and grinding and polishing equipment that produce the finished silicon wafers.

The map  below articulates it as “Other front end equipment”, which is the terminology followed by

2. Wafer Processing Equipment / Wafer Fabrication Equipment

This equipment is used to make the electronic circuit pathways by placing conductive and non-conductive materials on the silicon wafer. The placement is achieved by bombarding the wafer with elements or by adding layers of material. This equipment also includes machines that make masks that act as production templates during wafer processing.  This segment makes nearly 80% of the market size and includes critical equipment like Deposition, Lithography, Ion Implant, Etching and Cleaning, Thermal Systems and Wafer Inspection and Metrology equipment.

Back-end equipment
3. Testing equipment (note: also used in the front-end process)
Testing equipment is used at many points during the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, although it is concentrated in the back-end process during packaging. Types of equipment include microscopes, machine, vision systems, probe machines, and scales.

4. Assembly and packaging equipment
This equipment is used to place the semiconductor devices into packages for shipping or placement in electronic equipment. The backside of the wafer is prepared, and the individual chips on the wafer are separated before the die is attached to a package. The chips are attached to the package via gold wiring, which is then set up and trimmed using assembly equipment. Finally, the chip is encapsulated in plastic.

Semiconductor Equipment Market Size 2014
Semiconductor Equipment Market Size 2014


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