Interactive data visualizer tool to analyze the performance of the semiconductor product segments since 2000. 


Tips on using the analyzer :

View 1:  Overview with Drill Down

This view allows you to analyze historical semiconductor sales since 2000 and drill down into product segments for each year.  The visuals are interactive.  Click the “Down Arrow” on the top right corner of the chart to enable drill down. Click on the bar charts to get a “product segment level view” 

View 2: Motion Chart

This view allows you to trace how each of the product segments have grown in sales and revenue share over the last 15 years. Click on the bubble to trace the growth paths.  Notice how “Logic Devices” and Optoelectronic segments break away into a growth pattern.  Also notice how the sales have been pretty much stagnant for microprocessor units and Analog Devices. 

View 3: Growth

This view allows you to analyze the Y-o-Y growth patterns as well as CAGR patterns for any of the product segments.