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Insight Summary

Market Size

  • Technology Consulting market in India is expected to be US$1.72 Bn in 2015, which will reach US$2.51 Bn by 2018, by growing at a CAGR of 13.43% during the four year period
  • The growth is assumed to slow down by 1% every year with the maturity of market

Key Developments

  • Growth in IT Sector: 2015 revenues for the IT-BPM industry based in India is estimated to be US$146 Bn, which would represent growth of ~13% over 2014 – high growth of IT sectors augurs well for technology consulting
  • Positioning of consulting services: TCS, Wipro and Infosys have created separate service lines for consulting services
  • Government initiatives: Digital India, Smart Cities and Make in India are expected to increase demand for Technology Consulting

Drivers and Challenges

  • Drivers: Increased investment in IT infrastructure and government initiatives; adoption of emerging technologies across verticals with the intent of business transformation and operational efficiency.
  • Challenges: A lack of understanding among enterprises on how to organize consulting to best identify business requirements; organizational resistance to adopting the best IT consulting process to replace “gut instinct”-style of decision-making

Vendor Landscape

  • Consulting Firms: Strategic consulting players (pure-play consulting firms) and Business/IT consulting firms
  • Technology Companies: Consulting services for the implementation of technical solutions (mostly their own)
  • Indian IT Services Companies: Home grown IT companies offering consulting services for advanced technologies, system integration and enterprise solutions
  • Niche Players: Operate in very specific industry or in markets related to limited practice areas or with single methodology